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You’re successful in almost every area of your life, but when it comes to love, it’s just not working out the way you planned.  

You’re starting to lose hope that the right man is out there at all, and even if you could find him, you’re not exactly sure where to start.  

Everywhere you look, you see women getting their happily ever afters, and you can’t help but feel a twinge of jealousy. "Why isn’t this happening for me?” you wonder. “What does she have that I don’t?”  


Here's the truth: It has nothing to do with how you look, your age, your weight or where you live…  

And everything to do with your energy.  

When you shift your energy, your love life shifts along with it.  

You go from being in a man drought to raining men.  

You go from auditioning for the part of girlfriend to being actively pursued by guys who want to commit to you.

You go from alone on a Friday night to a calendar completely filled with exciting dates with ideal men who are clamoring for you.  

It all starts with attraction. 

Knowing how to attract men puts YOU in the position of power (your feminine power)...  


To show you EXACTLY what you need to know to get your man!


In 8 weeks, the Man Attraction Bootcamp will turn you into a woman who: 

  • Has Top 1% men actively pursuing her wherever she goes
  • Feels desirable, powerful and valuable in her love life  
  • Gets booked out with dates weeks in advance  
  • Turns heads in every room  
  • Knows how to flirt and harness her feminine energy  
  • Gets asked out again and again by the same men

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The Man Attraction Bootcamp is based upon the 3-Step Attraction Factor Formula that, once you've mastered it, you can lather, rinse and repeat to instantly boost your attraction power and make yourself irresistible to high-quality men.


Learn to Attract The Man of Your Dreams in 8 Weeks

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$297 USD


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$133 USD




When you feel confident, men are confident in you. You’ll know in your bones that you are the catch and you’re worthy of being pursued — not just by any man, but by high-quality men who have everything you’re looking for in a partner. 

They’ll be drawn to you because you will radiate with an automatic and unshakeable belief that you are the ultimate prize.

When it comes to the science of attraction, the deeper the polarity, the stronger the pull. 

The more you can cultivate this feminine energy and lean back to let high-quality men pursue you, the more attractive you will become. 

You won’t have to chase or try to control your relationships because men will be magnetized to you wherever you go.

Belief is everything. If you don’t believe in love and your ability to attract in Top 1% men, you’ll hit a wall with your dating. Instead of luring men to you, a negative mindset will actually repel high-quality men and keep you from meeting your match. 

When you have a fierce mindset, you’ll start to attract in an entirely different caliber of man than you’ve ever dated before.

Angelica went from not dating for the last 6 years to having 3 dates a week, every week. Before I joined I told myself ‘I’m committing to love this year but where do I start? I don’t even know how!’ The first module was on getting rid of negative charge and energy and figuring out what our blocks were to love and it progressively grew from there. I felt like I was really growing and changing with each module. I’ve seen a huge difference in who I was 60 days ago to me now. I went six years not dating at all and now I’ve had 3 dates a week for the last 3 months! Without a doubt you should do one of her programs because I’ve completely changed! Angelica

Jennifer feels so much more empowered Man Attraction Bootcamp allows you to be much more intentional and not make assumptions. She helps women learn about different energies that they bring to different situations. The modules give you the tools to have confidence and be confident in your interactions. I feel much more empowered having gone through Man Attraction Bootcamp. Jennifer

Charelle is operating on a whole new level I overcame blocks that I didn’t even recognize I had. Now I feel like I’m on a totally different level. I was just at a loss of words, I thought ‘Oh my God, it’s working!’ Nicole deals with the foundation of the issue. It’s not a cover up in any way, it’s more about ‘let’s get to the core of this, let’s git it fixed so you’ll be set to succeed.’ So I’m looking forward to what’s going to happen next! Charelle

Kelly thought she could never get a better man than her ex. Now she has 2.  

Oh my goodness ladies, It was less than a month ago that I thought (and shared on this page) that I couldn’t find a guy “greater” than my ex. In less than two weeks, I’ve met AMAZING men that are WAY more emotionally available and present than my past love — whom I’ll always be so grateful to have met and known (meeting/loving him led me to this amazing path). Today, I had such a wonderful time w/one of these amazing men (it was our second date). We met at the farmers market, walked around downtown Cinci, ate at Bakersfield (one of my fave eats), had ice cream, and laughed so much that I almost snorted (I sometimes do that when ‘m overwhelmed with joy.) I had such a sweet, lovely time. 

Thank you, Nicole Moore. You are a genius. You are a Goddess. I love this community.  




  • You go on hundreds of dates that go nowhere. 
  • You only find men who are emotionally unavailable. 
  • You keep asking yourself, “Is there something wrong with me?”  
  • Your energy brings in the dates you want 
  • You’re turning away people who don’t match what you want 
  • You feel comfortable, sexy, and happy in your own skin  






($5,597 USD Value)

($1,997 USD Value)


These step-by-step trainings will walk you through the Attraction Factor, so you can become a badass love goddess who manifests Top 1% men anytime, anywhere, with ease. These modules are a potent mix of the deep inner work and the tangible, out-in-the-world tactics you must learn AND practice consistently in order to attract in high-quality men and feel more empowered in your love life than you ever have before.

When it comes to love, you can only go so far on your own. 

That’s why the recorded coaching calls are one of the BEST parts of the Man Attraction Bootcamp. This is your divine helpline to guide you through every stumbling block, struggle or hang-up you may have on your journey to finding your man.

You don’t have to worry about the Man Attraction Bootcamp disappearing from you once our 8 weeks are up.  

You’ll be able to access the training modules from the moment they drop until the end of time, so you can come back and listen to them any time you need a refresher!


BONUS #1 ($600 Value)

Two x 30-minute PRIVATE Calls with a Certified Love Works Coach

If you can receive such incredible breakthroughs with the Man Attraction Bootcamp alone, imagine what’s possible for you when you dive deep with your own personal Love Coach.

BONUS #2 ($997 Value)

Man Manifesting Magic Workshop  

Ready to call in your high-quality men in lightning speed? You’ll get instant access to this 2-hour training where you’ll learn the top mistakes most women make that actually block your man from coming in — and how to easily shift them, so you can turn up your attraction power and put the “man” in “manifesting.”

BONUS #3 ($197 Value) 

Goddess Beauty Secrets  

Want the lowdown on skin that glows and make-up that melts hearts? This video training will show you exactly how to get ready for your first date to guarantee there will be a second.


LoveWorks “Choose Love” Mug  

What better way to remind yourself that your man is on his way than by seeing this mug every time you pour your morning brew?

Pay in Full

$297 USD

3 x Payments of

$133 USD

Stacy’s booked out for dates weeks in advance Brag! I have so many guys wanting to take me on dates right now, I don’t have enough days available. Abundance = Truth! Living a life of abundance is real! I’m seeing how I can be booked out weeks in advance. #goodproblemtohave #excited #datesandmoredates #abundance #gratitude #thankyouuniverse #liloveme. Stacy

Adrienne got 5 matches on Day 1 OMG! Nicole Thank you! This works! This works! First day on tinder. 5 matches. Great conversations with four men and two upcoming dates. This first guy! Wow. I couldn’t stop looking at his photo nor him mine. Beautiful texting ending with him wishing me sweet dreams. Also lots of positive feedback on the profile and one lovely comment on a body shot I would never have posted had I not see Nicole Moore’s PDF. Thanks Nicole! Adrienne

Lauren has a different date every night This seems link a totally ludicrous thing to say considering how much I’ve wanted to get married for the past 5 years, but: I’ve had a different date every night this week, everyone with an incredible guy, and every one totally amazing. And a new thought just popped into my head: I could just keep doing this, dating different amazing men every day, for the rest of my life and be perfectly happy! Lauren

Angelica has men flying to see her  

To all the ladies on the fence about Nicole’s Bootcamp, this is worth every penny of investment. I did the Bootcamp program in March of this year, and I still have 2-3 dates per week, men flying out or driving hours to take me out on a date!

I feel like I am not even working for it. My energy changed from the program and it has been consistent for me every since. I just had a man text me today asking when he can fly out to see me. It’s crazy. The men have gotten better and better and I have learned and transformed so much! If you are sad or feeling stuck in your love life link I was, this program will change your life! DO IT NOW!  


You can do the course from home, from anywhere in the world and on your own schedule!  

You can complete the course lessons from the comfort of your couch or kitchen table, as long as you have an Internet connection! The entire program is completely digital so you can access it from anywhere through our private course portal. 

And you'll never miss a beat: you can go at your own pace and do the lessons on your schedule.  

Man Attraction Bootcamp gives you heart-healing guidance, transformational tools and consistent support to attract in high-quality men, anytime, anywhere, with ease.

How long does it take to attract an amazing man?

The honest answer is, it depends on you and your current situation. Many of the women we work with have started to feel the shifts almost immediately, and then start seeing the difference within just a few weeks of putting in the work!  

There is no rush and no right or wrong amount of time, because you have lifetime access to the program recordings. .  

If you go inward and get really, really real with yourself, you’ll probably discover that you’ve been dreaming of finding the right man for as long as you can remember. Deep in your soul, you’ve been craving that once in a lifetime love, that match who knows you better than you know yourself, that permanent date for every wedding and Friday night Netflix binge, your perfect partner for slow dances in the kitchen, and perhaps even the father of your children. Every day you spend out of alignment with love is one more day you spend pushing your amazing man away. The truth is, if God or the universe or a magic genie came to you right now and said, “Here’s the love of your life, the man you have been waiting for…do you want him?” you would jump up and scream “YES!” without hesitating. So why hesitate now, when the miracle is within the reach of your fingertips?  

Pay in Full

$297 USD

3 x Payments of

$133 USD

I’m very clear on who I can help find the love that’s rightfully theirs (and who should click away).


  • This is your year to find epic love
  • You want to start attracting in Top 1% men who plan dates, consistently show up and pursue you, and are ready to commit right now 
  • You want to evolve on a soul level, not just for your man but for yourself too 
  • You’re done being single. You know what you’re doing isn’t working, and you’re ready to be shown the keys to the queendom within 
  • You want to shift your approach to love, so you can finally start dating men who deserve you and choose you.  


  • You like being on the struggle bus when it comes to love.
  • You want the drama, the heartbreak, and the pain that comes from attracting in bad matches, Peter Pans and men who aren’t interested in commitment. 
  • You refuse to make time for love or dating. Yes, it’s OK if you haven’t been on a date in awhile, but if you can’t make love a priority then you can’t expect anything to truly change. 
  • You’re not willing to see yourself, men, or love differently. Your beliefs are fixed, and you like it that way. #sorrynotsorry  

This is your chance to say YES to your man, and the lifetime of happy memories that come sweeping in alongside him.  

Remember, your ideal man literally can’t find you unless you learn the keys to attracting him in. That’s what the Man Attraction Bootcamp gives you.  

Once you know how to attract, you have the power. You can lean back and let men pursue you.

And from that space, you become super attractive for the right man to step up and claim you.  



You don’t have enough time!  

How much time have you wasted on the wrong one?

 How much time will you continue to waste on bad relationships, awful dates, and bad-fit boys?  

Let’s face it. None of us are getting any younger. If you don’t make this change now, you never will!  

You don’t feel confident in yourself.  

That’s PART of this program! 

We’ll teach you everything you need to know to shift your energy into total confidence (even if you can't imagine feeling that way at the moment - you will!).

Change happens inside and out when you join the Bootcamp!  

Today my life is filled with love that starts on the inside, but it wasn’t always this way. A few years ago I was in a dark place. After a breakup with my college boyfriend I was at an all-time low. I had become so co-dependent and addicted to the relationship that I had no idea who I was anymore. I felt completely empty inside. I spent the next three years completely single and not dating. People would tell me all the time you’re a great girl, any guy would be lucky to have you. But still, he didn’t show up. The tape playing over in my mind at the time was “no one will love you like he did, no one wants to date me, I’m not skinny enough, pretty enough etc.” It was a vicious cycle. Because I had convinced myself I was un-dateable I didn’t date. Because I didn’t date I thought I was undesirable.  

After years of being the single girl something kicked in and I saw that my mindset was creating the situation I was in. Immediately, I declared out loud to the universe that I was ready to date and took action. I told colleagues and friends I was ready to date and asked them to hook me up with friends. Within weeks I was dating. Simple mindset shifts can dramatically change your dating landscape and who you attract. I began dating but my relationship issues were far from solved. I was still addicted to outside validation and felt crazed and empty inside when he didn’t call back or things didn’t work out. I knew there had to be a better way. I saw that my life would continue to be an endless cycle of romantic drama until I looked within. I dove deeper into my spiritual practice and began questioning my beliefs about love. I saw that my problems in love had never been caused by a lack of love on the outside but a lack within. I committed myself to learning and practicing everything I could about self-love. I began to know myself. At first it was painful; loving myself seemed like the most unnatural thing to do. But the tiny shifts added up and soon I was feeling better about myself more than I ever had. The internal change was reflected in my outside world. I began to look better, eat better, act better and even attracted my soul mate. As an NYU certified life coach, I am passionate about helping women everywhere find true love and transform their relationships, especially the ones they have with themselves. I believe that when you truly love yourself, everything in your life works. I believe that having a loving and supportive partner can give you extra strength and courage to achieve your big dreams. I believe that truly seeing yourself through the loving eyes of another can be one of the best sources of healing on the planet. I believe that everyone deserves amazing, soul-shaking love and connection and that everyone is worthy of true love. 

Look - hiring a matchmaker would cost you $10k or more. 

Hiring me to coach you 1:1 cost $12k+. 

And how much are you wasting on your dating site subscriptions and trying to "feel better"?

 The Man Attraction Bootcamp is a no-brainer for just $297!  

Pay in Full

$297 USD

3 x Payments of

$133 USD



Love commits to us when we commit to love, so simply by joining the Bootcamp, you will notice your relationships with men begin to change.


You’ll receive an automatic email welcoming you into the program, complete with your own password-protected link to access the trainings and bonuses.


Every month you will receive 4 modules and 4 recorded Q&A calls. Or if you pay in full you will get access to everything immediately.


What is Man Attraction Bootcamp? The Man Attraction Bootcamp is an 8-week course that has shown hundreds of women how to attract in high-quality men anytime, anywhere, with ease.  

What happens once I enroll in the Bootcamp? Energetically, you’ll notice an immediate shift. Love commits to us when we commit to love, so simply by joining the Bootcamp, you will notice your relationships with men begin to change.  

You’ll also receive an automatic email welcoming you into the program, complete with your own password-protected link to access the trainings and bonuses. Every month you will receive 4 modules and 4 recorded Q&A&calls. Or if you pay in full you will get access to everything immediately.  

What if fears, doubts or questions pop up while I’m taking the Man Attraction Bootcamp? If they do, that’s actually great news, because it gives you the opportunity to get support around them. We created The Man Attraction Bootcamp to provide you with all of the direction and coaching you need to break through your love blocks and permanently increase your attraction factor.  

Our team will reach out to you privately to schedule your 2 calls with a Love Works Coach, or you can schedule your call directly through the client portal.  

But Nicole, I’m not sure I’m ready to date right now! That’s totally OK! The Man Attraction Bootcamp is designed to meet you wherever you are in this moment. You can use this material to boost your confidence, feminine energy and fierce mindset for the purpose of your own self-love, or you can use it to attract in as many (or as few) men as you desire. You’re in complete control. You’ll also receive forever access to all of the modules and call recordings, which means they’ll be there waiting for you when you’re ready to apply them. Whether that’s tomorrow, next week or 6 months from now is entirely up to you.  

What if I’ve never had a serious relationship before, or my last one ended forever ago? You’re in the right place. We’ve had women who were single for 10 years meet their man in less than 3 months! When you learn how to shift your energy around love, the results rush in as quickly as the men do.  

What if I’m in a relationship, or I have my sights set on a certain guy? Can I still do the Man Attraction Bootcamp? Yes! The tools you are going to learn in MAB can make any man want you, including one you’re with right now or the one you’ve been daydreaming about.  

Why should I invest in the Man Attraction Bootcamp when so many other women meet their men naturally without spending a penny? The truth is nobody teaches us how to create epic love in our lives. We’re expected to figure it out on our own, and when it doesn’t turn out the way we hope, we have no one to turn to for answers. The Man Attraction Bootcamp breaks that cycle by giving you the tools, guidance and consistency you need to become a magnet for amazing, commitment-minded men.  

What makes MAB so special is that it not only shortens the timeline on calling in your man, but it also improves the quality of men you attract. The women who enroll in the Man Attraction Bootcamp do not just wind up with any old boyfriend. They become love leaders who match with Top 1% men who can’t wait to pick them.  

What if I still have questions? If you have any questions, feel free to email us at