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It’s simple. They’re online. And they’re looking for a woman exactly like you.  

Your only job is to attract them in.  

When I tell women that I met my amazing, devoted, adoring husband on Tinder, they are shocked. But that’s exactly where our love story started.  

Dating apps aren’t just for hook-ups anymore. They’ve quickly become the number one place to find, meet and yes, even marry your perfect partner.  

The Dating Success Kit is the key to creating a profile that attracts in truly high-quality men online.  

Imagine how delicious it will feel when:

  • You log into Tinder and see message after message from Top 1% men who are miles above anyone you’ve attracted before. Even better? They consider you a Top 1% woman, and they’re ready to pull out all the stops to give you the next-level love you’ve been craving. 
  • You notice your calendar filling up with epic dates with commitment-ready men. You never have to spend another Saturday night alone watching Netflix (unless you choose to, of course!). 
  • You stop accepting what’s not good enough for you, like men who only give you breadcrumbs, endless text conversations that remind you of your second grade pen pal, and creeps who are only out for one thing. You know you’re worth your weight in gold, and so do the men you date. 
  • You’re finally out of scarcity mode when it comes to love. You’ve realized there’s an abundance of perfect matches available to you, because great men are coming out of the woodwork to win you over. 
  • You radically transform your love life. The quality of men you’re attracting is higher, the dates are better, and for the first time in a long time, you feel like you’re well on your way to happy ever after.  

"Working with Nicole changed my life. I wanted to attract a very special man and amazing relationship in my life but I had no idea how. That’s where Nicole came in. She showed me all the steps I needed to take and I transformed in the process. Now I’m in a happy and wonderful relationship with a man I adore!!"

"Love Nicole & her advice. She's the real deal!! I've followed her for a while and have gotten really great dates (gotten better at dating) and attracted a 5 star guy into my life even though I was less then 5 stars with him." 

"Nicole is an excellent love coach and really has a great way of giving practical advice that really works in releasing the blocks to love and helping you feel like an awesome goddess who can do anything!"

The 7 Steps to Success Online Dating Guide 

Wish your online dating profile was a magnet for Top 1% men? Stalling on creating a profile at all because you’re not sure what to say or how to stand out? Want to know how to weed out the men who aren’t a good match for you, so you can protect your time and your heart?  

The 7 Steps To Success Online Dating Guide will demystify the world of online dating and show you exactly how to put up a profile that draws in incredible, commitment-ready men who can’t wait to ask you out.  

Dating For Growth™ Mindset Training

Why do most women fail at love? Because instead of being present with the man sitting in front of them, they find themselves trapped in the vicious dating for outcome mindset. They wonder if every guy is “The One,” and then immediately drop any man who doesn’t fit the bill. Bye-bye! See you never!  

This Dating For Growth mindset training will show you how to get out of your own head, stop the chronic overthinking and actually enjoy each and every date you go on — whether you can see a future with him or not.  

A 60-minute call with your own private Love Coach

If you want to open yourself up to a Top 1% man, then you need to uncover the blocks that are standing your way. During this in-depth love assessment with a Certified LoveWorks Coach, you’ll go deep into your current relationship with love, so you can clear out the rubble that’s pushing away your King.  

Because when you have the right formula, the right mindset and the right coach on your side, there’s no limit to how epic your love life can be.  

The Dating Success Kit is only $47.  

About Nicole Moore

Nicole Moore is a love coach who helps powerful, influential women find their ideal partner. Using her signature Love Works Method, she’s helped thousands of women find lasting love fast.  

Nicole started her company while she was in a relationship she thought would lead to marriage. Instead it resulted in emotional abuse and her boyfriend cheating on her. Suddenly single as a life coach, Nicole had to start following her own advice and take every step she’d ever taught a client— and it worked. She found her dream man exactly one year after following her program and is now happily married with a beautiful son living in Encinitas, CA.  

Nicole has three life coaching certifications, including certification from New York University. She’d been featured in Money Magazine, Forbes, and  

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